Sunday, November 15, 2015

my bee-loved

          As I write this post  I am sitting outside on my back patio enjoying a warm sunny afternoon.  Our wonderful weather will be over soon, so I am soaking up every ray I can.  But on this journey re-beautifying the old  " Noah Farm", we are still back in hot, sunny, and usually windy June in Kansas.
        Now that the foundation was taken care of, the next phase on this farm house was to take care of the outside by replacing the siding and most of the windows.    We found a company to do our siding work in June,  but didn't realize at the time it would be months before the siding company could actually start to work.   What we thought would be a month or two waiting on materials to come in, turned into four months due to several factors which I will write about later.

        In the meantime, life on the farm goes on. Here are a few pictures of my "bee-loved" hubby enjoying his hobby of bee keeping.

        My bee-loved started out with two hives at a friend's farm on the other side of town, but sadly neither hive survived.  Now that we had our own land, he was excited to try again.  My husband is ever the learner and has read at least six books on bee keeping and watched countless videos.    Even though he is allergic to bees, he has no fear of them.  I,  on the other hand, took these photos with my zoom lens.

     Although we started out with two hives, as of this publishing date, we only have one hive that survived, but  my husband says the one left looks very good and should make it through the winter.

         And just so you can see how our little pup has grown . . . from this bundle of cuteness to . . .

this big boy still trying to fit under the couch and getting stuck.  To hanging out taking a nap with big brother and learning how to swim at a friend's lake.

Latte (5 months old) with Jordan on July 4, 2015
He took to the water like a fish even though it was way over his head.  

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