Saturday, December 26, 2015

upstairs bedrooms

       Now it's time to show you the rest of the upstairs.   Here is what the west (green) bedroom looked like before demo started. 

       Here is what the west bedroom looks like now.  No more green!  We have replaced the old closet on the right and added another on the left of the window.

        Here is what it looked like just a week or so ago before the closets were framed in.    All the bags are filled with some insulation that came out of the ceiling.  It looked like fairly new  insulation, so we are saving it to use maybe in our garage.

      And finally the last bedroom before demo. 

        The open door on the left (above) leads to the bathroom across the top of the stairway.  The open door on the right, leads to the attic.  And here is what it looked like about a week ago.

      Part of the wall is gone on the left, so you can see into the other bedroom.   If you look closely, you can see openings in the wall behind the closet.  This is actually openings into the bathroom.  The wall between these two rooms is where the stairway is located.

        And here are more current pictures of the upstairs bedrooms:

Standing in the former green bedroom looking into the yellow bedroom (above)... 

   ... and standing in the yellow room looking into the green bedroom (to the left) and the bathroom (across).  Everything upstairs is in total demo mode right now and we couldn't be happier.     The plumber, and HVAC guys are almost done and soon the electrician will start.  Once they are all done, an inspection will take place and then drywalling can start.  

        Maybe when the daffodils  start blooming we will have our upstairs all done. 

       Right now a winter storm called Goliath is predicted to hit from Texas up to Kansas.   They are predicting snow, ice and blizzard conditions in some areas.  Looks like we may be house bound for a few days.  
 “From the breath of God ice is made,..... Job 37:10

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

a change of plans

        I wish I could say that I have some great pictures of our new master bathroom all done to show you now, but that is not the case.  After much thought, we decided that maybe we should start working on the upstairs too.  The  bathroom upstairs lays directly above the master bathroom downstairs, so we decided to tear out all of the walls of that room too and get the plumbing for both bathrooms done at the same time.
       We also needed to get the electrical and heating lines run for the new mini-split heating units that would be put in each of the three rooms upstairs.  So, what the heck, let's just do the entire upstairs! It just made sense to get it all done while the walls in the downstairs were open. 

       Here is a picture of what the upstairs bathroom looked like before any work was started.  It was originally a bedroom which had seen some water damage on the far wall.

        And here is what it looked like a few weeks ago:

       All three bedrooms upstairs are fairly large.  The bedroom we are converting into the upstairs bathroom is the smallest (12' x 15').  The wall that is framed up in this picture it for a  walk-in closet for extra storage space upstairs.  A vanity will go in front of this wall, with a free standing tub in front of the window.    

       Right about the time we decided to go ahead with fixing up the entire upstairs, we were blessed to find Jerry, a contractor that just loves to demo and frame.  And now some progress pictures on the bathroom and some of his hard work over the last month or so. The picture below is taken from inside what will become the new shower. 

      Here is what it looked like today when we went out there:

       Jerry has done so much work upstairs that you can see from the bathroom over into the bedroom on the other side of the stairway.  Here is what the stairway looks like right now too.  The bathroom will be on your right at the top of the stairs.  One bedroom is straight ahead and the other to the left.

       When we arrived at the farm house today, our plumber, Greg, was starting to climb up on the very steep roof to put a vent in the roof for the upstairs bathroom.  It wasn't long before my guy talked him into being roped up for safety.   The two of them climbed up on the roof so Greg could lean over the peak and put the vent in. Is he dedicated or what?

      I thought I'd leave you with a picture I took of a farmer harvesting the field just south of our property a few months ago.  As you eat your delicious Christmas dinners this year, give thanks for our farmers who provide us with so much good food. 

Merry Christmas
 from Kansas. 

Sunday, December 13, 2015

the master bathroom begins. . .

       Work is finally beginning on the inside of the house and we decided to start with the master bathroom.  This way  we would have one nice bathroom before we tore out the old one.  Here is what it looked like before.

        This is a view of the room looking in from the doorway of what will become our master bedroom.  The room above was originally listed as a bedroom, but it is very small, so we decided to make it our master bathroom/closet.  The room that will become our master bedroom was originally a living room, or parlor?  There were two front doors off the porch so we assume one door was where  guests were greeted and escorted  into the formal living room.  We have closed the one front door off that goes into our new bedroom and just have one front door that will go into our living room. 

        In between these two living areas are two big, beautiful  pocket doors that we will eventually replace with new ones.

        The first wall that came down was the one in this small bedroom that originally was a closet.  I love the overhead light in this closet and hope to get it rewired and use it somewhere else in the house.

       Below is a picture of the room after it has been gutted.  Bill has removed the ceiling, walls, one window, closet and is rebuilding the floor.  It may look like there are two windows that are closed off with new wood and there actually are.  We didn't realize that the window on the far wall was closed off years earlier when they  put in a closet.  You can see holes, openings and rotten wood all around this area.

       A picture of the bathroom floor, or lack of it... looking down into the basement.

        This is the one wall that was so bad that Bill had to replace part of it.  Good thing the weather is still warm.

       And here is a picture of the new bathroom closet (on the right) and shower (left) framed in. We are making this bathroom wheelchair assessable  just encase we or a visitor would ever need it in the future. 

        Now our plumber, Greg, can begin working.... 

Friday, December 11, 2015

Mr. Owl

        I have always loved birds.  Maybe because my dad always had bird feeders up,.... hummingbird, cardinals, chickadees, etc.  all came into view at our large family room window.  So when my husband said he saw a huge owl on our farm land, I was excited and determined to get a picture of him.
    Shortly after he told me about the owl, I was out showing a friend our place and he flew right in front of us.  From then on, every time I visited our farm, I took my camera with my zoom lens attached and walked the property hoping to get a good picture of him.  With the leaves coming off the trees, it wasn't long before we spotted him again and got a picture.

       Do you see him in there?  My husband actually took this shot because I couldn't find him.  My son decided to name him Salvador, and we still look for him every time we walk the property.  He is a barred owl and can get up to 20 inches tall with a wing span of 42-44".  All the leaves are off the trees now so hopefully there will be even better pictures to come.

        As I was Christmas shopping yesterday at Pier One, I saw owls everywhere... on pillows, ornaments,  candle holders, etc.    I didn't realize they were so popular, but now  I am noticing them.  I found these two owls on Pinterest that I thought I'd leave you with.... one for inspiration and the other for a good laugh.

        I am thinking maybe God sent me this owl for my farm mascot to remind me of the above, especially when I'm feeling overwhelmed.


 for all us hard working women . . .

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Another big step

      We have had the most wonderfully warm fall this year, but winter finally hit at Thanksgiving time.  We had our first snow and some ice to top it off.  Here are some pictures that I took that I think show the beautiful transition from fall to winter.
        I have almost caught up to real time in this blog, but looking
 back . . .

     It is now the first week of October and our siding and window project has finally begun!    Our goal was to have the foundation and siding/windows done before the winter weather hit.  Because of the domino effect I wrote of wrote of earlier, we won't be able to side and put new windows on the entire house.  Part of the south side (where the current stairs and new kitchen will be) and the entire east side will have to wait until we get the inside done.  This is because windows and doorways will change.

       So the workers started on the back of the house (north side).  Here they are starting the siding tear off.

       And the windows are also started to be removed and replaced.

        Here is the front of the house in process and a new front door installed.  This door will eventually be stained to match the beams or painted.  Haven't decided yet.

       And now some after pictures:

      And lastly here is a picture of the east side of the house that I mentioned would be sided later after the kitchen remodel.  The difference is amazing.  This old farm house really needed some TLC. We are so glad we could get most of it done before winter hit.

      With our new foundation,  most of the house sided, new windows installed and a new HVAC system, this house should be a whole lot warmer inside this winter.  

"Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all."-   Stanley Horowitz