Sunday, January 10, 2016

in the mess of it all

          Hope you and yours had a . . .blessed Christmas and New Year.  Our Goliath storm turned out to be mostly ice, so we were back to normal in a few days. 

       Back on the farm.... the other  bedroom still being worked on that I haven't shown recently is the master bedroom.   Here is a picture of what the master bedroom looked like before.

       This is actually one of the two original living room areas, but we are turning it into our master bedroom.  I am standing in the small room that will become our master bathroom when I took this picture.

      Below is a view of the other living room. The big opening on the right of this picture is where our huge pocket doors are that lead to  the master bedroom.

  You will notice that both rooms have front doors.  We have taken the front door off our bedroom and just left the one off the big wrap around porch to the right of the bay window.

       Here is what the master bedroom looked like a few weeks ago.  Notice the front door is gone.

        You may be wondering why we are tearing out all the walls and eventually the floors  too since they look pretty good in the first pictures above.    The insulation is one reason.  It has shifted down in the walls leaving pockets at the top in between the floors and near the roofline.  Cracks in the walls were another reason.  Most of the house didn't have any damage during the move, but there were a few cracks in the walls, especially in the master bedroom.  And even though we love the hardwood floors on the main floor, these will have to be replaced too because there was no subfloor put in under them. No wonder the house was so cold last year.  

      We got quotes to take the hardwood floors out and re-milled  so we could put them back down, but it was just too expensive.  We were so sad that we couldn't repurpose the floors in the downstairs, but the ones upstairs will be sanded and re-stained.

       In the picture above you can see where Bill has been working on replacing the hardwoods with sub- flooring so we can put new hardwoods down.

       And as the walls were exposed, we got a good look at the hardware that the pocket doors ran on. The railing was made out of wood, not metal and they had lasted over 100 years.  Pretty amazing!

      We had originally thought that we would get new wood pocket doors, but have found it quite difficult to get such large doors without waiting for months to have them custom made, so..... we have decided to sand and repaint them and see if they can last another 100 years! 


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