Saturday, April 23, 2016

upstairs update

       Since my last post was about everything going on outside the farm house, I thought maybe you would want to see an update on the upstairs because it is almost finished.

       Kathy, our painter, been working diligently on the two bedrooms and has them all done.  She has  put in lots of hours painting ceilings, closets, doors,  trim work and the best part, color on the walls.  Here she is hard at work.

Here are the two upstairs bedrooms all done:

  Below is the gray bedroom with the door open and a view into the tan bedroom.

And here is the tan bedroom looking back towards the gray bedroom.

We still have a few minor things left to do in these rooms, like pulls for the closet doors and blinds for the windows, but we are so close.....

And now for pictures of the upstairs bathroom which has also turned out great.

Shiplap on the walls . . . . and below, our new vanity top with the shiplap painted.

Isn't it amazing that this vanity top is concrete?  Kalven Cederberg from Two Dogs Concrete did this artistic work and we love it.

And here is the great tile  work done by our friend, Bill.  We are just waiting for the shower door which will be installed next week.

The gray tile trim accent is the same tile that is on the shower floor.

      And while all these people were hard at work, my hubby took me to San Antonio, TX.  He had   been there several times for work and wanted to share it with me.  It was a wonderful get-a-way.  I highly recommend it.  We stayed downtown and walked and ate our way along the river.

And of course visited  the Alamo.

Texas cactus on the Alamo grounds.

Hope your weather is getting warmer where you live.    Our spring weather has been "perfect human temperature", as my friend Patty used to say and we are enjoying every minute of it before our summer heat hits. 

Sunday, April 3, 2016

white as snow

       All of us love the arrival of spring after our long cold winters.  Some of us wait longer than others.  Lately here in Kansas we have had warmer weather and touches of color coming up everywhere.

       But a week ago, on Easter Sunday,  we woke up to this . . .

     We were surprised, to say the least.  But what a beautiful picture of the verse in Isaiah 1:18 . . .
     "Come now, let us reason together, says the Lord:  though
       your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow. . ."

      We didn't make it out to the farm to see all that beautiful snow covering everything because it was in the 50's by afternoon and spring was back again.  But we had been working on the land, clearing dead branches and underbrush and getting a big garden ready for planting. 

     My oldest son, Alex,  has really been a big help on the farm using our tractor and plowing up an area for a garden.  He is really motivated to get a garden in this year.  My husband and I had thought we would wait another year to get things going out there, but with all his excitement and motivation, it looks like it might happen this year.
       Here is the area he plowed up for us.  The before picture:
During . . .

And all done!

      We chose an area that had been used as a pasture and were pleasantly surprised how good the soil was.  Most of the dirt around the house is red clay which is terrible for gardening.  We had a dump truck load of compost added  and moved some sand from a leftover pile from when our basement was dug and wha -la, we have the start of a pretty good garden. 

     Our next step is to put some kind of fencing around it to keep out the deer and bunnies.   There are tons of metal fence posts and wire all over the property, so we have a good supply of materials to use already.

       And speaking of critters, look what my husband found yesterday while we were all out there clearing a fence line.

           My boys loved it and even got a tape measure out to see how long it was before letting it go back into the bush . . . but not far away enough for me.    I had never seen a snake that big and I'm sooooooo glad I wasn't the one who discovered this fella.  But I knew it was only a matter a time before I ran into a snake out there. My husband had already seen quite a few and so he took the time to explain to me how to tell if it was poisonous.  Which it wasn't.  Anyway, this little snake measured 5 feet 5 inches.  

          I wish I had taken a before picture of the areas that my husband and boys have been working so hard to clear and the huge burn pile they created.  But I mostly have after pictures and it does look so much better.  The land has been neglected for so long that it is so rewarding to see it restored to beauty.

      Here is a before picture of the area  we worked on a little bit yesterday.  We just make piles of dead limbs and then Alex picks them up with the grapple and carries them to the burn pile. 

       Our huge burn pile after it has been on fire for hours.

       And an area that we cleared out yesterday near the barn.  

       There are still several large trees to the left of this big one that need to come down.  We can't see any signs of life in them.  But just clearing up the fence line has opened up this area and made this big tree a beautiful focal point. 

       Hope spring is coming up where you live!