Friday, May 27, 2016

A country bath

       I wrote previously that the upstairs bathroom is almost done and we are so close I couldn't help show you a few pictures.  My freestanding tub is now in place and I just love it.  The faucet for the tub still needs to be installed and the blinds on the windows, but I am so happy with how it all turned out.  Bill installed the medicine cabinets and the hardware on the vanity so we have a functioning bathroom!

       This room was our first experience with ship lap and though I love how it looks, here's what I discovered.  If you want to have the small lines in between the boards painted, do it before you put the boards up.  It is extremely hard, time-consuming, and frustrating to try to do it after they are installed.  I finally gave up after trying a regular brush, spray paint, and an artist fine brush.  

        Another suggestion I would make is to not purchase what you need for any room you are remodeling too early.  I ordered these medicine cabinets  before the vanity was installed.  Even though I had measured and knew the size of the vanity, once it was installed, it looked small.  I thought my medicine cabinets were going to be too large.  I checked my paperwork and it was past the return policy deadline.  So I had to live with them or use them somewhere else.  We choose to use them here and even though there is not much room between them, I still think they look okay.

      And since I'm sharing my mistakes, the other one I made was with the lighting above the medicine cabinets.  These vanity lights were suppose to be pointed down, but because I didn't take into consideration the depth of the lights and the cabinets, the lights would have been shining directly on the top of the medicine cabinets.  So we turned the vanity lights up toward the ceiling and we got lucky because it still worked.  

       Here is a closeup of the faucets we choose.  I wanted it to look old-fashioned so I went with cross handles.

      And here is a view that shows the shower and the cubby where the toilet rests.  We had a partial wall put around the toilet because when you walk into this bathroom, we didn't want it to feel like you were walking into a wall and it also helped the room feel a little more open. 

           And since this room was originally a big bedroom and we had all this extra  space, here is a picture of the big linen/clothes closet we had built directly behind the vanity.  It's just waiting to be filled!  Steve did all of this wonderful ship lap work and built in shelving in the closet.

             And because I can't stop taking pictures of these cute little creatures.  Here's a few more.   Our yellow lab, Latte, has been so kind with these kittens.  The smallest kitten of the four is a male and has no fear. Here he is snuggling with Latte.

These cute gray kittens need a home.  Only one is spoken for.  Any takers here in Wichita?  We have three left.  

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