Friday, June 3, 2016

Living Room Demo !

        Chip Gaines from HGTV's show Fixer Upper is right.  There is nothing more exciting than demo day.  I loved it when our walls come down.  With our upstairs 95% done and our master bedroom and bath in progress,  it is now time to start work on the living room.  
       Here are a few pictures to remind you what it looked like before demo.  The below picture was taken standing at the front door looking toward the kitchen.  The arch that is covered with wood and the doorway to the right will all be opened up giving us a view into the kitchen.

       And now a picture standing from the arched wall looking toward the front door and the large pocket door which is currently just an opening covered with plastic to keep the dust down. 

       One of the things I love to do is draw out the room design.  Here is one of my simple room layouts I made for our living room.   I use a small grid lined paper and every square equals one square foot.  I did this drawing because I had to figure out where the switches, outlets and lighting would go for this room, which meant I had to figure out where the furniture would go so the lighting would shine where I needed it. 

       I made a copy for myself and our contractor  which was shared with the electricians.  This way we are all on the same page and nothing gets left undone. 

      This is a small living room and I was having a difficult time figuring out where the furniture and television should go.   If you notice on the layout, there is a small bump out on the right side of the drawing.   I wasn't sure what to do with this space until the question popped in my head, "Where would you put your Christmas tree?"  Immediately, I knew it would be in the bump out.  The windows are low here and it would look beautiful from the road.

     Then I found this picture I loved on Pinterest.

            If this were my living room you would be standing in the bump out to take this picture.   My contractor suggested putting a small table and chairs in the bump out which I thought was a great idea.  This way we (or small children) could sit at the table and eat in the living room when it wasn't Christmas time.

           And now onto some demo pictures.
       The wall on the left would be  the bookshelves and TV wall.

      A picture of the bump out standing from where the TV and bookshelf wall would be.

Standing at the front door looking toward the kitchen.

Standing in the bump out looking toward the TV wall.  Stairs are directly behind this wall.

       I hope this helps you get a feeling for the layout of this room.  It will be small and cozy but with the wall into the kitchen all removed it will make this whole area feel bigger.  Steve, our contractor, is working to get this living room insulated, and drywalled, so we can move onto the biggest project yet -  our kitchen, half-bath, mudroom, and laundry room.  

       Currently I am working on staining the barn door for our master bathroom.  Can't wait to show it to you. 

       Every day celebrate something great you did.
                                                                        - Cassie Boorn


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